Stem cell preparations

Stem cell preparations-dendritic polymorphic cells induced by peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC-DC)

Leopard Cell has the technology to induce and proliferate peripheral blood stem cells into dendritic cells (PBSC-derived DC, PBSC-DC), and successfully differentiate PBSC into DC that cryopreserved for more than 5 years.

According to laws and regulations: The currently available cell therapy can only be performed after the standard treatment is ineffective.However, patients may have poor blood conditions due to previous medical treatments such as chemotherapy, so that they cannot obtain sufficient blood for cell product differentiation during the collection of cell therapy plans. Therefore, cell therapy cannot be performed.

The advantage of PBSC-DC is that in terms of medical procedures, customers do not need to take blood for 3 to 5 hours in a cancerous state. The stored cells are young and highly active, and the amount of product used can also be determined by the treating physician, which can avoid the possibility of treatment failure and truly satisfy the customized needs.

Clinical trial Research on the clinical application of peripheral blood stem cells in the industry-government-university cooperative research development project.
Test case number 2020-06-005BCF
Test purpose To expand the scope of clinical treatment for peripheral blood stem cell savers.
Clinical trial partner hospital Taipei Veterans General Hospital

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