Agile and lean, the revolutionary of regenerative medical care

Leopard Cell Brand DNA


Lepoard Cell is derived from the core spirit of Lihpao Life Science CORP. and has developed a unique corporate culture DNA. Assisting our global employees to promote their proficiency and strive for excellence together is our vision. The brand logo of Leopard Cell combines the characteristic of fast and agile like a leopard, revealing a complete image of vitality and power.

Agile and lean lead to the life energy

The spirit of fast, accurate, uncompromising and courageous forge ahead has established Leopard Cell’s perfection in all testing services and projects.

In the 21st century, medical science has officially entered into “regenerative medicine.” Predicting that the future applications of stem cells will extend to gene therapy and regenerative therapy. Leopard Cell combined with the top Authorities on stem cell leading research and development team at home and abroad, is committed to stem cell research and development and clinical application, to start a regenerative medical revolution, and look forward to creating a more complete medical treatment for the quality of human life.